Seattle emcees Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (bka Young TH of State of the Artist) and Swan Coltrane (bka Tay Sean of Helladope) release Adventures in a Helluvastate, a starkly simplistic approach to hip-hop – two emcees rapping over beats – that comes off as oddly organic, stemming from spur-of-the-moment recording sessions in the Cloud Nice basement.

The duo isn’t apprehensive about their word choice or song structure. The thoughts flow freely from each artist’s brain to the booth with little filtration. Swan casually croons the chorus on “Star Stuff”: We tryna reach the stars so let us grow/ Not so much the body as the soul/ Don’t even think about it we just go…

The beats pulsate and morph, experimental and ever-changing, lent from a host of producers worldwide, only a few borrowed from in-house producers Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Seven Davis, Jr.

01 An Illtroduction
02 Brain Champagne
03 Fresha Adventure
04 Igloo Coo
05 Skylife Salutations
06 Make Moves
07 Ode for Outlaws ft. Mikey Nice
08 Bash Bitchin’ ft. Mikey Nice
09 Thou Wowz
10 Saucalino Bossalino
11 Star Stuff
12 Ancient Aliens ft. Mikey Nice
13 Up, Yup ft. Sean Symphony & State of the Artist
14 You Got the Power ft. Hyphen8d (of SOTA)