Last February, Cloud Nice released Ziploc Hip-Hop, the debut mixtape for the BadAssYellowBoyz, better known simply as BAYB. The trio is comprised of Jarv Dee, Nacho Picasso, and Steezie Nasa, who just wrapped up his first solo project.

Introducing Hella Proper. Steezie (aka P Steez) may be the youngest member of the group, but it definitely hasn’t impaired his ability to hold his own and hold it well.

More sex drugs and rock n roll from the mind of East Seattle’s finest, Steezie Nasa. Moor Gang, hoe.

01 Be the Best (prod by J Rob)
02 Like a Movie (Steezattle) ft. D Carter (prod by SAT Beats) [VIDEO]
03 Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll (prod by Eric G)
04 Maintain (prod by Starr Spazzin) [VIDEO]
05 Yopped Up (remix) (prod by Put Da Nut)
06 Amongst the Stars (prod by Rob Skeetz)
07 Midas Touch ft Jarv Dee (prod by Starr Spazzin)
08 Happily Neverafter ft Jerm (prod by Starr Spazzin)
09 Till the Day I Die (produced by Eric G)