Vitamin Water Uncapped: Helluvastate performs “Star Stuff” Live
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.52.18 PM

Thad & Swan perform “Star Stuff” live for the Vitamin Water x Fader “Uncapped” series. WATCH

Thadwick Tristen Trevor III & Swan Coltrane: Tanlines

A summer cut in the middle of fuckin December. Swag? LISTEN

Sax G x Nacho Picasso x Raised byy Wolves: No One

Sax G x Nacho Picasso x Raised byy Wolves. NO ONE. Special thanks to DJ Topspin. LISTEN

Steezie Nasa: Swag Sex

Steezie drops a bonus track to Hella Proper in “Swag Sex”, a charming song about gettin some ass. LISTEN

Steezie Nasa: Hella Proper

Last February, Cloud Nice released Ziploc Hip-Hop, the debut mixtape for the BadAssYellowBoyz, better known simply as BAYB. The trio is comprised of Jarv Dee, Nacho Picasso, and Steezie Nasa, who just wrapped up his first solo project. LISTEN

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