Kingdom Crumbs: The Mezzanine

Kingdom Crumbs release their third single from he upcoming self-titled debut album. Produced by Tay Sean. LISTEN

Kingdom Crumbs: Dogon Stars Tee

The design features the Dogon stilt dancers of Mali, a people who are known for their advanced knowledge of the cosmos. The Dogon dancers are depicted putting the stars in the sky. The back of the shirt features the Cloud Nice saturn logo near the collar. The t-shirts are high-quality American Apparel 50/50 tees with […]

Jarv Dee: Dopamine

Looking for something new (and free!) to enjoy on this smokers’ holiday? Well, Seattle rapper Jarv Dee is here to satisfy your needs. He dropped a 13-track album, Dopamine, that takes the concept of “weed rap” and makes it his own. LISTEN

Kingdom Crumbs: For the Birds

Kingdom Crumbs release the second single off their upcoming debut album Kingdom Crumbs. LISTEN

Kingdom Crumbs: Interview at KEXP

The fellas of KINGDOM CRUMBS slid through to KEXP to debut a couple of cuts on the radio and talk a little bit about the project with Street Sounds DJ Alex Ruder. In case you missed it, listen here.

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