“As a genre this record is obviously difficult to classify. Certainly hip hop plays a big role – the lyricism and stylistic technique is present, as are the cultural references and the swagger – but other influences are nearly as dominant. Disco and soul play huge parts, and so does late-sixties-era electric jazz of Davis and Hancock. The ambient electronic music of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno can also be heard. Just as evident as the influences is the certainty that this is something entirely knew and unheard of, something that might even not have a name yet. So I’ll call it like I see it: this is evolution. Check it and be amazed.”

Words by Jack Devo


01 Evoking Spirits…
02 Pick Both Sides of my Brain
03 Very Nice
04 For the Birds
05 Red Cups
06 Light it up
07 Make Believe
08 A Freedom Song
09 Ridinonthestrength
10 The Mezzanine
11 Much Ado about Nothing
12 And My Drink will be Rose
13 The Infinite