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“Here’s a not-so-bold prediction for Seattle hip-hop: The first half of 2010 will belong to Tay Sean and Jerm, the Beacon Hill duo that comprise Helladope, the spaced-out hip-hop/funk crew that had even the shyest of wallflowers acting the fool with their 2009 track, “Just So You Know”.

At first listen, Helladope’s sound is reminiscent of a slightly-friendlier version of Southern California’s G-funk era, an altered take on the early 90′s sounds of Warren G, DJ Quik, and Tha Dogg Pound, minus the relentless aggression and gangsta themes prevalent with those SoCal trendsetters.

Producer Tay Sean is the man primarily responsible for Helladope’s vibe. He takes his addictive beats and dips them into a mixture of slinky synths, computerized basslines, and futurist keyboard flourishes. And when the concoction is done Jerm-inating (so to speak), the results are pleasureful, danceable, chunks of funk candy that you want to stick in your ear and leave there forever. Tay is also a capable emcee and Jerm is a worthy partner in rhyme who also brings a Nate Dogg-esque R&B croon to some of the tracks. Together, they can really do it all.”

Words by Chul Gugich

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