Meet the BadAssYellowBoyz. Fuck it let’s just call em BAYB, a three-headed monster set loose on the streets of the Emerald City.

First head, Jarv Dee, aka Jackin’ Jarv the Dopamine. You might recall his debut mixtape, Talkin Shit, but you’re probably more familiar with his DUI anthem, “I Just Wanna”. Easily the most serious of the group, Jarv throws lyrical shots in combos, effortlessly stinging listeners with his double-time cadence.

Second head, Nacho Picasso, aka Nacho P, aka the Tat in the Hat, aka Jesse James, aka Cocky Balboa… The list goes on. You recognize his raspy snarl from his debut mixtape, Blunt Raps. On Ziploc Hip-Hop, he recalls the same pitiless punchlines, this time soaring through the roof with confidence and cockiness.

Third head, P Steez aka Steezy Nasa. Weighing in at the young age of 18, the baby of the bunch by a wide margin, Steezy indoctrinates the masses in the principles of high swagdom, an ancient art with deep roots in the hip-hop culture.

Ziploc Hip-Hop is packed with straight frost, a sticky-icky-icky hybrid of street rap, trap rap, and swag rap, something usually reserved for the pure individualist with two or three ice chains and an umbrella holder for the heavy downpour of US currency. But here, our trio manages to share the spotlight with amazing chemistry and an even more outstanding display of skill and wordplay.

Take a couple puffs of Ziploc Hip-Hop and pass it on. Don’t be stingy wit the weed homie!

Production by Eric G, Raised by Wolves, Awesome, and T-Cal
Mixed & mastered by Parker Joe at Slap, Crackle, Pop
Album art by Tay Sean & War, adapted from photos taken by Alejandra Nicole