“Some music (kinda/mostly) I compiled after forcing myself to revisit the fundamentals of sampling over the weekend. After sketching about 15 or so things, I got about 15 more things from the last year to round out the whole project, and narrowed them into the lengths of snippets, hence SCRAPS. Also, it should be noted that this collection was prompted by the web collaboration “see attached” with credits to master chef Joseph Guanlao for the artwork.”

Words by 10.4 Rog


01 the faintest idea
02 lemme ask you
03 prime real estate
04 hi, steaks
05 slow cooked
06 pack light
07 cloud tracing
08 lovers’ choral
09 smile
10 regrettably
11 played by a trio
12 upswing
13 which reminds me
14 leave a message
15 circular logic
16 phrased like a question
17 future shop
18 misplaced aggression
19 where from
20 nothing comes to mind
21 rough edges
22 time to yourself
23 after all that
24 snow
25 dust and artifact
26 you see
27 frozen
28 we’ll be friends
29 wish she had

+ see attached